Stabilizer is a flexible tool designed for quantum physics experiments. Fundamentally, Stabilizer samples up two two analog input signals, performs digital signal processing internally, and then generates up to two output signals.

Stabilizer firmware supports run-time configuration of the internal signal processing algorithms, which allows for a wide variety of experimental uses, such as digital filter design or implementation of digital lockin schemes.

This documentation is intended to bring a user up to speed on using Stabilizer and the firmware provided by QUARTIQ and contributors.


The Stabilizer hardware is managed via a separate repository. Some information about the hardware is gathered in the Stabilizer wiki. More detailed data, measurements, discussions, and tests have been posted in the Stabilizer issue tracker.


Stabilizer can be extended and coupled with a mezzanine board. One such mezzanine is the DDS upconversion/downconversion frontend Pounder. The Pounder hardware is managed via a separate repository, again with wiki and issue tracker.


This firmware offers a library of hardware and software functionality targeting the use of the Stabilizer hardware in various digital signal processing applications commonly occurring in Quantum Technology. It provides abstractions over the fast analog inputs and outputs, time stamping, Pounder DDS interfaces and a collection of tailored and optimized digital signal processing algorithms (IIR, FIR, Lockin, PLL, reciprocal PLL, Unwrapper, Lowpass, Cosine-Sine, Atan2) in the idsp crate. An application, which is the compiled firmware running on the device, can compose and configure these hardware and software components to implement different use cases. Several applications are provided by default.

The following documentation links contain the application-specific settings and telemetry information.

dual-iirTwo channel biquad IIR filter
lockinLockin amplifier support various various reference sources

Library Documentation

The Stabilizer library docs contain documentation for common components used in all Stabilizer applications.

The Stabilizer library documentation is available here.