Booster NGFW (Next-Generation Firmware) User Manual

This document is intended to provide an overview of the Booster NG firmware, which is a rewrite of Booster firmware to align it with other projects, resolve qualify issues, and enable continued maintenance and improvements.


Booster Creotech Front Panel

Booster is an 8 channel RF power amplifier in the Sinara open hardware ecosystem. The open hardware designs and hardware discussions are located at The hardware is available from Creotech, QUARTIQ, Technosystem, and M-Labs.

Getting Started

There are three ways to interface with the Booster application that are covered in the chapters of this manual:

  1. Pressing any of two the front-panel buttons
  2. Communicating with Booster over the USB port
  3. Communicating with Booster over ethernet via MQTT

Fault Mode

When Booster encounters a software fault, it goes into a safe mode where no channels will be enabled. To acknowledge and clear the fault, utilize the service command from the front panel USB port.